Summer days turn into summer nights in a blink of an eye. In Toronto, time flies by soooo fast. People talk about New York minutes, well somebody has to start talking about Toronto minutes. People don't walk, they run. In the 6ix everybody has to be somewhere. We should always have a to-go outfit for those unexpected days that turn into late nights. Today I want to show you how versatile a pair of shorts and a simple top can be. With the help of 2017's favourite trends, this simple outfit goes from day to night in a couple of minutes.

JULY 19, 2017

1. Day Time Baby

"A just-right crossbody in a chic saddle-bag silhouette" by Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2016 ($375)  

This bag's colour is similar to a colour called Niagara. It is number one in the Pantone's Fashion Colour Report, as the most prevalent colour for Spring 2017. "Niagara is a blue that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation" -PANTONE 2017 

2. Smart(Bae)Watch 

GEN 2 SMARTWATCH by Fossil 2017 ($206.25) 

Styled in rose gold tone stainless steel, this watch goes above and beyond! It literally can do anything, like a Transformer. Apart from being almost like a second phone, it also is super chic with a sleek design. You can personalize time as you wish with the amazing layouts Fossil offers. According to Business Insider, this  year is set to be a big one for smartwatches. 

3. Bold Hoop  

Hoop Earrings Are the 2017 Jewelry Trend You Need. These earrings are a remix of the typical hoop earring. Hoops with charms were constantly spotted in fashion week at Paris this year. Big bold earrings is a major jewelry trend in French VOGUE's list for Fall/Winter 2017/18. Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen went for a very bold earring look for next season. 

4. Kiss My Nikes

Nike shoes have always been my favourite sneaker to wear. Their patent manufacturing technology makes their shoes superior to a lot of sneakers out there in the market. We all enjoy the comfort and style these shoes provide. Recently another type of sneaker trend emerged this 2017, writing on sneakers. Haute Couture brands are collaborating with the all-mighty of the sport shoes industry to revolutionize the sneaker culture.

Reebok x Vetements Instapump Fury

5. RayBans4Dayz

These Ray Ban Metal Glasses ($150) are like a hug.

I swear. If you need prescription glasses (or not) these would be just perfect for the year and many many more. This round full-rim frame is very popular, with different tints, these glasses can go from eyeglasses to sunglasses. Very retro and very chic. In my opinion, I think these glasses will always be in style.           I mean, a look that both Harry Potter and John Lennon can rock?  

6. More Mustard S'il vous plaît!

I am constantly seeing block heels everywhere I go. What do I think? Classy, modern and simply delicious. Apart from being comfy they are actually pretty hot. An open toe for a peek of sexy foot action. Plus a yellow mustard velvety soft suede mule that takes a casual approach to elegance. Primrose Yellow is the colour! And it was predicted to be one of the most fashionable colours for Spring Summer 2017 by Pantone

7. Salvatore Ferragive it to me

Salvatore Ferragamo's Large Sofia Bag ($3,200) is so majestical that if bags were animals I'd say this one would be a unicorn. A large black bag with a timeless silhouette will give you a sense of formality and will boost your outfit from day to night. I find that tying a vibrant coloured scarf around your bag definitely gives the outfit more sauce. 

8. It's all GUCCI

The signature Gucci Belt ($470) [insert heart eyes emoji here] 

This leather belt with a double G buckle is, pardon my french but ITS BADASS. You can dress it down or up, a staple piece indeed. I am so glad I can say this with out shame now, buckles are back this season! I am a firm believer of buckles, and I think everybody should own a big buckled belt!

9. Fendi My Way 

Fendi's My Way women's watch collection is fantastic in many levels. Apart from the gorgeous leather strap, this rose gold-coloured stainless steel watch comes with a fun surprise, or should I say fur surprise?. It comes with a removable arctic fox fur glamy. If you are not familiar with what a fur glamy is, the picture below is a Fendi My Way Karlito with a fur glamy.



Babaton Murphy Blouse ($75) is a "slinky shell blouse that's elegant and practical." - Babaton

This fluid polyester fabric has a beautiful drape, which gives it great movement. If I had to describe this blouse in one word: versatile. In the day it looks super relaxed, but at night (with the perfect accessories) it is a "simple classic".

11. "the cheekiest shorts in your closet"

The vintage Levi's style are my favourite staple piece above all. However, these are kinda hard to find! So, Levis decided to make the wedgie fit shorts, which are inspired by the vintage style. High waisted shorts might not be the most comfortable but they look great.

FYI: Once I heard that the CEO of Levi's does not wash his denim (TRUE STORY). Jeans should never be put in the washing machine.

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