What’s better than hanging out with fashion peers on a Friday night at a super cool location with an open bar? For me, its an ideal situation. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend one of the best parties Toronto has to offer. Yes, a fashion party.















This celebration was an exclusive event reserved for members who participated in the execution of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. As part of the social media team for TW, I had the honour of being cordially invited. The party was days after fashion week, so I was ready to blow off some steam and relax after a hectic week. Also, I wanted to see how Toronto’s fashion scene gets down            on a Friday.

When I stepped out of my uber and saw the entrance of the event, I honestly felt butterflies in my stomach. It felt as if I were going on a blind date with fashion. Are we going to have a good time? Is it going to be awkward? So many questions in my head. I decided to shake these thoughts away, and enter the event as if it were my own, which I like to think it was! We were all gathered together in order to celebrate our hard work this season. With a big smile in my face and an even bigger fur coat on my shoulders, I entered the party. 


I’d like to think I’m lucky, or that my networking game is on point, because the moment I walked in I was immediately talking with people. Everybody seemed to love my fur coat; this made my night, let's be real. Tip: a statement piece can be a great icebreaker. People were nice, drinks were chill, the music was simply superb and the overall ambience was vibrant. 

The CFG Model & Crew Party

My favourite parts of the party involved me dancing for most of the night and taking pictures at the photo booth. Also, while dancing, my friends and I were approached by Jeff Rustia. He is the founder & CEO of Canada Fashion Group and one of the most influential fashion personas of the country. He took a picture of us and uploaded it to his Instagram account.

In my opinion, events like the CFG Model & Crew party promote the Canadian fashion industry in a positive manner by building a strong community and a concrete fashion scene in the city. I was left with a really great experience and a memorable lesson, hard work leads to amazing compensations.

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