Collaborative Work

Vice President of Communications for the Organization of Latin American Students at Ryerson University

During this collaborative experience, I worked directly with the VP of Graphics  as we established an aesthetic for our social media. I was responsible for updating our social media activity with engaging content as well as keeping our members up to date with our weekly newsletters. The executive team and I planned, organized, promoted, and hosted events that brought this amazing community closer. Click here to read more about my experience.

Member of the Promotions Committee for the Parallels Fashion Show

Parallels was a student-run fashion show, facilitated by the Fashion Event Planning course, offered through Ryerson’s School of Fashion. The focus of the show was elevating the LGBTQIA+ community, breaking the norms of clothing through self-expression and style. Working as part of the promotions team, I helped with sponsorship procurement and guest experience management. Read more about the event on the Eyeopener Newspaper.

Editor and Content Creator for INSPRD Magazine

INSPRD is a fashion publication created by a team of four women during a Magazine Production and Publishing class, offered by Ryerson's school of Graphic Communications Management. INSRPD's mission is to showcase local talent and help our readers navigate the creative aspects of this cosmopolitan city. As a team, we came up with the concept, the pagination order, and helped with photoshoot production. Individually, we worked on content creation for our separate articles. Click here to see PDF version of magazine.

Editor and Writer for the Girlunity E-Book

Girlunity is a collection of poems created in partnership with Girl Circle, a Toronto-based online community and forum. Girlunity was made to bring together a diverse group of powerful, creative, female voices. The authors; Hailey, Ava, Jessica, Shirley and myself had a unique theme that inspired the curation of accompanying visual elements. Each chapter within Girlunity embraces the differences between our creative voice and style. My theme was self-expression and it is available on Apple Books.

Model for

When I was the Fashion Editorial Intern for Flare Magazine, I was asked to participate in a photoshoot for an online article written by Lora Grady. Shooting with four other women was a bit challenging at the beginning, but as we became more comfortable we started having lots of fun. Lora even wrote "Diana was nervous, too, but was so excited to be a part of a shoot that featured everybody (“and by everybody, I mean every BODY!” she says)—her energy was contagious". To read about Lora's perspective on bikini bodies click here.

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