Mexicana's 2018 Highlights

This year was more than stunning and unbelievable. I really believe it was the best 365 days of my life. It was not a bed of roses, but it was def the best year professionally and personally! It was a very difficult one, to be honest. But lord knowwws, I'm so grateful for it. Why? Well, let me break it down month by month. 

January - A Very Single Beginning 


I started this year as a single lady, as Queen Bey would say. It was the first time I began the year single, since like four years ago. It was super hard and painful. But from pain you get growth. And man did I grow this year. Living in a foreign country without your family or loved ones can be waaay hard. I always depended on others to find that love within. However, they couldn't manage to make me happy. I understood that my happiness was not in their hands. I wanted to be in a relationship with myself, the most important relationship, of course. I wanted to be alone because I didn’t want my happiness (or sadness as a matter of fact) to depend on anybody else but me. I look back and I can’t help but pad myself in the back for taking this smart decision.

February-  F is for Fashion


Fashion weeeeekkkkk! Must I say more? If you know me or have read my blog, you know one of my biggest passions is fashion. I even centred my career and life around it. This season I had the amazing opportunity of being named the Creative Lead of the social media team for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TW FW) and Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*). A pretty big thing. YES I KNOW RIGHT? A small town girl making it in the Canadian fashion industry, at the age of 21? YAS.

I pinch myself sometimes (jk), but it does feel like a dream. From hundreds of people participating in making FW happen, I was handling social media posts, videos, written blogs, and pretty much content creating. I had the chance to meet the CEO and owner of FW (may he rest in peace, we Love and Miss you Jeff). When he called my name during the FWs my heart dropped to my stomach. Definitely a highlight that makes me want to tear up of pure joy. OH AND THE FASHION PARTIESSSSS and networking opportunities!


March - Events, Events, Events!


This month goes out to all the cool events I had the chance to be part of. I love to volunteer my time to fashion events. I was not paid in money, but I was paid in friendships, lots of fashion and beauty goodies, amazing food, good times, and great networking relationships. Much more rewarding than money, to me at least. Events like TAPE, Canada’s top model, the Hendrixroe Fashion Show (and other FSs), model castings, fashion panels, photoshoots, etc. If you are trying to make it in the industry you must lend your time, honey. Show fashion you love and care for it, then you’ll see... Fashion will return the favour times 100. 

April - This is for the Homies


I’d like to dedicate this month to all the amazing people I met this 2018. From friends who became family, to new circles, and people who have definitely brought a new type of happiness to my soul. Yes, some left my life, FOR GOOD. But as they left, they made room for better opportunities. I also had the chance to nurture other relationships that were flaking due to my lack of time and attention. Fashion people, latin and university friends. Thank you all for making this year what it was, just incredible. 12 months of great times, heart-to-heart conversations, laughter, peace, and many more beautiful emotions that

I can’t even describe. This year I swear I went to at least 50 birthday parties (or some other type of celebration), I kid you not. I loved every single one of them. Thanks so much for making me part of your year

and for all the memories. And can’t wait for a 2019 with y’all.




The beginning of summer in Canada, sort of. I had the most blessed freaking summer EVER. A major shoutout to FLARE magazine. Here

I had the opportunity of being the fashion editorial intern. For those of you who don’t know, FLARE is one of Canada’s top fashion publications. If you know me, you know this is a pretty big deal. Completing my mandatory school internship at FLARE was a dream come true.

I researched fashion stories, transcribed interviews and wrote content

for this women-empowering platform. I created photo galleries and programmed stories into WordPress. Administrative tasks such as handling emails, mail and fashion products. I also participated in photoshoots, and attended events such as runway shows, panels

and showrooms. So yeah, a total dream! I also met amazing people

here who I respect so much and admire. Thank you so much God,

for this dream come true. Yes DREAM!!! I can’t stress that enough.


June - If God is a DJ, Life is a Dance Floor


Just insane, I went to too many concerts and parties this year. Like so freaking many, and throughout the whole summer, but I’ll just put them in this month since it was pretty much the start of the madness. I love music, what can I say. But what I love even more is sharing a moment in time with my amazing beautiful friends who accompanied me to all of these events. We had serious fun! Raving, dancing, and repeating. Feeling like we might die of happiness and singing our lungs out. What a beautiful summer this was. I love you. Best concerts:

  • Benny Benassi x2 

  • Kygo

  • Tiesto

  • Youtube Canada - Jessie Reyez, Daniel Caesar, New City

  • Dua Lipa

  • Veld Music Festival (2 Days) - Marshmello, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix

  • Bad Bunny x2 

July - Birthday


This birthday I can proudly say it was simply the best. Yes, out of 22 years the 22nd has been the wildest. It was more like a week. I can’t believe all the crazy things I did in this short amount of time. From having one of my bestest friends in the world visiting me (in Canada),

to partying latino style until 6 am, to visiting a nude beach for the first time, to crying my eyes out in my ladies brunch, to seeing Dua Lipa live, going to Niagara Falls, and having the coolest party with the greatest people in Toronto. I can’t believe it. It was so much! I want to cry some more. I remember it so well and I hope I never forget it. My bday party was a total success too! A friend of mine let me have my party at his bar. I filled this place up with the most wild and fun people ever. My friends and loved ones <3 Thanks to everybody who came. It was the greatest time of my life. I really love you all.

August - Moving Out


Moving out of a great apartment to an even better one. Lucky little B. From living a good life to an even better one. I had the chance to move with three amazing Mexican babes. Imagine living in a cool ass condo with three girls who literally come from the same love nest as you? Unbelievable. Yes a lot of chisme, laughs, tears, but most of all fun and love. I love my roomies with all of my life. We’ve had our fights, but we care for each other just like family. We like spicy food, singing and dancing to high school musical, and talking for hours at 5 am. I really enjoy my new place too! You know I need a good 6ix view. I always wanted a balcony and now I have the biggest freaking balcony ever. I also have so much more privacy and honest to god fun. I literally drop to the floor laughing at least twice a week. I am a lucky B.  

September - to the people who left my life 

Thank you, next.



October -  Dubai Whips, it's Lit


Dubai, Dubai, Dubai. A f*cking Arab dream. 10 days out of 365. Dubai needs a blog post of its own, that will come in 2019, kk? I really am speechless, the beauty in this country is just breathtaking. I had the opportunity of travelling to Dubai with most of my expenses covered by my university. I went to Dubai on business, school business that is. Travelling with 13 amazing uni kids and a great prof was a major highlight this year. I had the chance to party like a local and go sightseeing like a total tourist. The people, the amazing food (best falafel I’ve ever had), the beaches, the buildings, the type of fun people have here, the fabulous culture, the red desert, the lounging, the bouginess… Abu Dhabi was great too. Full of legendary art and architecture.

I’ll leave the rest for a future post, stay tuned. 

November - Healing


A month where I realized I was truly healing, spiritually and mentally. I’m not going to pretend like this year was just fun. It wasn’t. I cried so much and my heart was in pain constantly. Like pain pain, really motherf*cking pain, pardon my french. But once you are healed, there’s so much more waiting for you. I started a journey of self awareness and self love.

It’s going good. It’s ongoing, duh. You can only get better at it. Just like working out on your muscles, you need to work on your mind and emotions too. It's a practice that never ends. I know I have a long way

to go, but I'm going at it and I'm moving forward because I'm no longer stuck. Also, this year I became more aware and a lot more grateful.

I’ve always felt a privilege over my shoulders. But this year I came to understand why the universe gave me this amazing life. It feeds my soul to help and empower others and this is what I want to do for the rest of my days. I'm a believer that everything is as it should be.

December - Business and Me


This month, I passed the most difficult class I’ve ever had in my university life (finance with accounting), yuck. Yes I had to mention

that achievement. But this year I also started freelance writing for

some super cool magazines and platforms, more details coming

in 2019. A total dream, ya know. I’m in the process of becoming an actual business. ME. A. BUSINESS. Like a real business, not just working for one, but actually being a business myself. Doing what I love, writing and creating content. Cool right? I am proud of little Dianita.

And to all the people reading this, thank you. Because you’ve supported a little Mexican girl with dreams bigger than her. I don’t write this to brag.

I write this for myself, for my own happiness and mental health. I want to look back at this when I’m older and remember all the great things

I’ve accomplished. So much more to come. xo

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