Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele is my favourite designer because he

made Gucci “gucci” again. He is the creative genius behind

the brand’s revamp. Before Alessandro was appointed

creative director of Gucci in 2015, the brand was suffering

from a lack of identity and leadership. This Italian fashion

designer gave Gucci a new image that came with a whole

different vibe. His creativity attracted a younger audience

that is constantly checking out what’s new with Gucci on

social media. Also, I really enjoyed the aesthetics of the

home decor collection.


Simon Porte Jacquemus is my second favourite fashion

designer. Jacquemus inspires me to be creative with my

outfits. His style is contemporary and sophisticated. He

enjoys minimalism and oversized accessories. I love the

way he incorporates the art elements into his designs. He

likes to play with proportions and asymmetrical shapes.

The Jacquemus’s Spring 2018 La Bomba collection had

the industry talking, click here to watch it.

Michael Zoffranieri

Michael Zoffranieri is my favourite Canadian designer. He

is an inspiration and I had the opportunity of interviewing

him for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. Click here to read

the interview. Zoffranieri has his own brand at just 22 years

of age. He also won the TFI New Label award last year. He

has been very successful and this reinforces my belief that

hard work pays off.

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