What fibres best complement your swagger? Start reading those care labels! 

  1. Acrylic is perfect for this garment! Why? Because it’s a lightweight fibre which makes it have a sweet drape. The sweater is aesthetically pleasing to the eye because it doesn’t wrinkle easily. It’s nice if you wear this in cool sunny times as it still keeps the warmth in and it’s resistant to sunlight.

  2. Nylon is great for activewear due to its incredible strength and abrasion so over exercising won’t be a problem. Another factor that makes nylon a great option for sportswear is its elasticity. These leggings are perfect for yoga, perfect for all the bending and stretching going on. It has a nice resiliency so you don’t have to worry about crumbling your yoga pants in your gym bag. For more stretch and recovery properties, spandex fibres are added. 

  3. Rayon is a beautiful fabric to use in dresses thanks to its abrasion resistance and strength. Also this fabric doesn’t have pilling issues (those little annoying fibre balls). This dress is cool during the hot temperatures. If you get hot or sweaty, it won’t be an issue since the fibre is hydrophilic. However, due to its poor elasticity spandex is usually added as it gives it elongation and recovery properties. 

  4. Wool has great resiliency so these garments look nice and feel even better. Drape and elasticity is decent. Wool is a super absorbent fibre since it is both hydrophilic and hydroscopic, which tends to make clothing comfortable. Wearing wool sweaters in the cold weather is a great choice since it has an insulation property which doesn’t let air pass through, instead it is trapped. 

  5. This skirt is made out of polyester, which is an amazing pleat holding fibre, even after being washed. Polyester is very resilient so wrinkles are not a prob. Thanks to its amazing durability this skirt could be used many times and still look like new.

  6. The blouse is made out of cotton, which is ideal for this type of garment if worn during the hot weather due to its hydrophilic property, which means it can absorb moisture quickly. It gives a cooling effect, which makes the cotton shirt comfy. Easy to wash, good drape, nice feel, no pilling problems. 

  7. Mohair is a fibre that comes from the hair of Angora goat. The luster of the goat hair tends to look like silk. The appearance of the coat is super appealing to the eye since it looks luxurious and feels soft and pleasant. The garment is durable since it possesses great strength. Mohair can be twisted without damaging the fibre, thanks to its structure. This fibre tends to be called the most durable animal fibre. Worth the investment since the coat will last many years to come. 

  8. Lyocell is a manufactured fibre and its quite strong and durable. This fabric creates amazing drape and softness. It also has nice luster which gives the garment an elegant and high fashion feel. The dress can be washed easily because it’s stronger when wet. It doesn’t shrink, therefore it is a suitable fabric for dresses.

  9. Silk fabric gives any garment a fancy look due to its shine and amazing drape. It won’t have any pilling issues, plus it's comfy af. Silk has excellent absorbency since it’s a hydrophilic fibre, this also means it is machine washable (for most garments that aren’t very delicate).

  10. This skirt is made out of acetate, which makes the garment drapeable. The appearance of fibre looks great since it is piling resistant as well. The skirt will flow and move beautifully. However, acetate is neither strong or abrasion resistant this is why polyester is added. Since polyester is durable, these fibres compliment each other to form a pleasant combo.    

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