Mexican in Toronto? Pretty self-explanatory, nevertheless I have to address the meaning behind it.


I was born and raised in Mexico, a beautiful country full of flavour and culture. I get asked often, specially around the winter time, why would I leave Mexico for Canada?

I am proud of my roots, and more than ever since I arrived to Canada. Being Mexican in Mexico is normal, nothing new, nothing too cray. We all speak Spanish and Mexican food is just regular food. It's hot most of the time and yeah, the beaches are pretty freaking great. But for me being Mexican means a lot more than that. Being Mexican for me is like that JLO song. "I'm still Jenny from the block, I used to have a little, now I have a lot. No matter where I go, I know where I came from". Since I arrived to the 6, being Mexican became way cooler for me. Not only because I was different, but because people enjoyed my culture and appreciated it.

Ever since, I've been aware of my privilege and I've learned to embrace it. I've tried to grasp every useful thought and idea, so that one day I can bring them back to Mexico. My goal in life is to create a difference in fashion. By teaching people in third world countries about diversity and ethical responsibility in the fashion industry. I see fashion as a social change, thanks to Toronto. 


Soooo that's why Toronto and Mexico are the true two loves of my life (and I got a tattoo to prove it). Hence, the name.

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