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Belts Belts Belts! Summer 2019

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Fasten your belts and buckle your credit cards!

For many years belts had the simple responsibility of keeping our pants in place, but they are making a comeback. Belts can bring much more to the table if you’d let them. Offering a pop of colour, a cinched waist, or simply a different vibe to your look. Tying your outfit together one buckle at the time. Please bring some joy to your belts and experiment with them with the following trends.

Same Print Swagger

Lamarque design

Look for a cute blazer or top that comes with its own belt. Yes, it still counts and plaid is a good start! Tye it to the side for extra stylish confidence. Also don’t be afraid to layer up.

We Like Big Belts and We Cannot Lie

Rudsak design

We can’t go without mentioning big leather belts. They’re a must for any gal who is ready to make a fashion declaration. They are quite a scandalous accessory, so we advise you to pair it with an effortless turtle neck. Maybe a monochromatic look?

We Are Over It

Lamarque design

Fashion found the solution to curveless snow jackets and coats! Add a skinny belt to it and go on with your snowy day. As unorthodox as it might seem this is becoming a serious trend! Please give it a chance before you scratch this look out.

As Smooth as Silk

This look can be inexpensive but feel like a million bucks. Try silk or silk-like-fabrics, for example: chiffon, rayon, or satin. Tie the knot in a dainty way then move it to the back--and voilà!

Something Different

Have you every struggled with an ordinary outfit? Wondering “how can I make this work without changing clothes for the fiftieth time?” Changing might be a good option! But there's a better way! An atypical garment tied around your waist will def bring that extra to your ordinary.

Try these out and let me know what you think! Good luck xx.

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