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Chaturanga, Sukhasana what?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

A short guide to your best yogi self.

Outdoor yoga in Mexico

I'm obviously not a professional, just a yoga enthusiast that wants to ease you into the gracious yogi lifestyle. A little background info, I started practicing yoga at a gym in Mexico around 2012 (holy hell that was 7 years ago if my math is right). A relationship that began casual af evolved into what today I can call my longest, purest and most loving relationship everrrrr.

At the beginning, it was an on-and-off, booty callish kinda relationship, by this I mean extremely casual and without any compromises.

Why am I personifying yoga as my boyfriend? You might ask, do you think I'm strange? Well... Just a bit, because I really don't know why I'm doing it lol. Moving on from my crazy thoughts, as I became stronger physically and mentally so did my love for the practice. I want to share my best yogi tips with you! Hoping they will bring some love and light into your heart and bod.

1. It's a Daily Thang

I enjoy compromising to new learning opportunities and yoga was def a challenge I wanted to embrace. It took me around 4 years to actually take yoga seriously and it wasn't until 2016 when I settled down.

I began incorporating yoga into my daily routine, in the morn when I had time before school/ work or at night before bedtime. Through constantly following my yoga routine, I gained a sort of responsibility with myself. Apart for being a zen activity where I could chillax, it gave me time to reflect and be self aware, at least for 20 to 40 mins a day.

2. Breathe B*tch

Something that really resonated with me about yoga was the breathing part. In the start, it is waaaay hard to concentrate on your breath. Your mind tends to wonder, but this is a no-no when it comes to yoga. Focusing on your breathing is so important because it's honestly the only way to stay in the present.

I learned this from a yoga teacher, when you concentrate on your breath you can't really think about anything else. Not the past not the future, just now. You start appreciating the sensations and ambience around you. It's quite a relaxing experience, specially when doing outdoor yoga.

Tip: visualize a balloon expanding as you inhale and deflating as you exhale.

3. Yoga with Queen Adriene

#YogaWithAdriene is an amazing Youtube channel managed by a yogi professional whose mantra is "find what feels good". To me, she's bae and shes's also a babe! When it comes to at home yoga, she's the queen. Practices are made for all levels and all body types.

Through Adriene's videos I've learned self awareness and self love. She's just great at guiding you through the practice with her voice. Almost everything she says resonates with me. One of my favourite phrases is:

Everything is as it should be.

Below you'll find a list of some of my favourite YWA 30 day challenges. These videos will introduce you to your new and better self!

1. Revolution

2. Yoga Camp

3. True

4. Dedicate

Good luck xx!

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