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Summer Sunnies

A guide to 2019 eyewear summer trends

Retro looking eyewear is a huge trend again, no surprise here. Apart from protecting our delicate eyes from UV rays, sunglasses make us look stylish and its just nice to be able to hide behind them and be mysterious. I'm a huge fan of wearing sunglasses indoors or at night. Fashion is all about doing you while being inspired by trends. These next bold looks come from fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, and Miu Miu. You'll also find more affordable versions of these trendsetting specs. 

Ski Googles

Fenty x Puma

Westward Leaning

Squared Lenses

Miu Miu


Angular Specs

Louis Vuitton


Round Sunnies

Miu Miu


Good luck xx

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