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A Statement Coat Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Brrr! ☃️

three models from Toronto Women's Fashion Week
All images were sourced from Toronto Women's Fashion Week.

Summertime quickly slipped through our fingers and I can't help but daydream about the winter trends I will be sporting this season. Thanks to some amazing Canadian designers who truly understand what it means to survive winters in the North. I got you covered with the best winter inspiration. I have selected my top five coats to bring you cozy feels while maintaining your style intact from the TWFW Fall/Winter 18 runway.

Before the Blizzard Season

A Matrix vibe that goes well with pretty much anything. Dress up or down, this coat will give your outfit some edge while protecting your skin from the cold breeze.

Fesvedy design

No Teddy Bears Were Harmed in the Making of this Coat

A teddy coat will take your outerwear from ordinary to overbearing suaveness (pun intended). This coat gained street-style acceptance and popular fashion magazine Marie Claire has predicted everyone will be wearing this trend in 2018.

Rudsak design

Rock n Roll Furever

 If you’re going for a look that consists of dyed fur maybe take it up a notch and rock an intense colour. Pascal Labelle is the master of finding the perfect balance between rockstar and snug.

pascal labelle design
Pascal Labelle

Fuzz Madness

Don’t blame the cold for boring fashion choices when bold alternatives are always an option. This Tassoni dream will have everyone’s jaws on the snow! And keeping your warmth inside the coat. Mixing colours and texture for the greater good.

Joseph Tassoni design
Joseph Tassoni

Snow Angel 

What’s better than white fur, a cinched waist, and sleeve detailing? Well, when you put all together you get this eye-grabbing statement piece that is simply breathtaking.

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