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A Dubai Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Top 10 locations to visit when travelling to Dubai: from clubs to museums and mosques

Meixcana en Toronto at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

In #Dubai everything is the biggest, shiniest and tallest. The city is transmitting bougie vibes 24/7. A fabulous culture with delicious food (best falafel I’ve ever had), the most courteous people and some breathtaking architecture. What more can a girl ask for? If you are a young soul looking for a good time and dine, I'M READY to show you the coolest places I visited here.

The fanciest rooftop I've ever been to! Sick beats sponsored by house DJs. We get a 360 degree view of the marina, electric blue ambience, cold drinks, and yummy appetizers.

2. Old Souk

A traditional market in Dubai full of spices, souvenirs, and GOLD. Have you ever watched Sex and the City 2? Remember when Carrie bought the cutest pair of Ali Baba shoes? Well pretty much that! If you travel here, you must take one of those little boats back to the city during the sunset--epic.

3. Dubai Fountain/ Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall

Here's where it gets super extra...bougie. This mall area is tourism central. You'll see the world's largest choreographed fountain on one side. Next to it the tallest building in the world. And the world's largest shopping mall on the other side.

"The ultimate chic playground for upscale party-goers" -White Dubai. I couldn't describe it any better. Just imagine a huge club in the middle of nowhere, on top of a hill with a complete view of the Dubai skyline.

5. Arabian Desert

This is a MAJOR life highlight tbh. Do some dune bashing, camel riding, and falafel eating at a bedouin campsite in the desert.

6. Jumeirah Beach

A gorgeous white sand beach with an amazing view of the Burj Al Arab. Super fun when you go with a group of friends. There's a yummy burger shack around, for all you #foodies out there.

7. Chival Global Social at the City Walk Mall

My favourite restaurant in Dubai. So luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. This place was featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia as #ChicEats. I had the most delightful Tuna Tataki and Cucumber Salad.

8. Abu Dhabi

This city is the capital of the UAE, so if you're visiting Dubai take a day to go--it's an hour away! Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi, you won't regret getting some culture during your trip. Master pieces from all around the world by artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Ai Weiwei and Leonardo da Vinci. Also visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. A peaceful sanctuary featuring gorgeous architecture with a trillion dollar decor.

A world famous beach bar and the best day club in Dubai. Free frosés (frozen rosé wine slushies) say less. Their pizza, calamari, and caesar salad are to die for! Beachside DJ and pool, heaven am I right?

"A blend of Australian, English and European favourites" -Friends Avenue Cafe. An amazing brunch location with beautiful looking meals. I recommend the tricolour eggs Benedict as a vegetarian option.

Safe travels and good luck xx

Extra foodie location: Zaatar w Zeit = BEST FALAFEL EVER!

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