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Fashion in the Times of Rona

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Let’s talk about how fashion in 2020 is making the world a better place.

Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish wearing Gucci masks

Even though we haven’t been changing our fashion much this year (I mean let’s be real we’ve spent quite a lot of time in pjs lately), the fashion industry has been changing a lot! Like a lot…

We are hearing plenty of talk regarding fashion slowing down. But what does this really mean? We know fast fashion is a very unsustainable first and/or only option for most of us simple mortals. However, this year people are changing and becoming a little more conscious about the environment and Mother Nature. This year high fashion brands like Gucci announced a change in the number of fashion shows it holds each year, from five to two. According to Forbes, brands are moving from the usual four to eight season design scheduled and re-configuring their timelines. Organizing fashion weeks and showroom presentations closer to the actual season of the clothing is a relevant thought.

Donatella Versace, chief creative officer of Versace, told WWD she likes the idea of having a slower pace in terms of seasonality — it will give them time to research and create things that make people say: I want it!

Versace Fall 2020 Runway Show in Milan Fashion Week.

“Considering that all of us — I mean us designers — have been complaining about the pace of fashion, about the unsustainable speed that the delivery calendar had us keep, this is for sure a chance to rethink a lot of things, including seasonality,” she added.

More sustainable trends are also helping fashion slow down. People are shopping locally to support small businesses during this pandemic, buying second hand clothes, and saving some money in the process. We are staying at home, and this means we aren’t buying clothes to travel or go out. But we will still have the big fast fashion brands, and there’s no point in shaming people. Let’s just try to consume less. Make wise choices when shopping, like thinking in the long term and considering the uniqueness of the garment. Let’s really cherish the clothes that we have, give them many lives, pass it down to someone else, and consume less.

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