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A Fashion Guide for the Smart Sexy & Sustainable

Every now and then I find myself in a fashion pickle 🥒. Should I buy this [insert TikTok trend here] ? Do I really need this top? Will I use it 5 years from now?

19 year old me would've probably just bought it, but today I’m happy to say I’d think twice before bringing a new piece of clothing to my closet. A similar responsibility to getting a new pet. Clothes consume lots of water, energy, soap, and some mental space too. Just like a dog, the better care, the longer they’ll last, right? I digress.

As I got older I’ve realized the less you have, the better. By not consuming I’m supporting my wallet and bank account. But I’m also NOT supporting consumerism and disgusting multimillion dollar corporations. The goal is always to consume less. That's why I want to invest on fashion that will last me a lifetime.

It be hypocritical to say I’m not going to buy more clothes in the near future, because I am. I love me some f*cking summer fashion... but I try to be responsible about it, click here to learn more about sustainable fast fashion.

I’m assuming most don’t look at the clothing tags attached to the fashion article they're interested in, well maybe just the price tag. But... like, WTF does 64% polyester mean? After reading this post I hope some will take a closer look at those tags and actually understand what they mean. Because we can all learn a little more on what our fav clothes are made out of, and we'll be using my fav fashion hub REVOLVE, for some inspo.

Nellie Slip Dress, Jonathan Simkhai

Acetate: equals drape. The appearance of acetate looks gorg because the dress will flow and move beautifully. It's also piling resistant, so you avoid those little annoying fibre balls. However, acetate is neither strong or abrasion resistant this is why polyester is added. Since polyester is durable, these fibres compliment each other to form a pleasant combo.    

Alana Open Knit Dress, Superdown

Acrylic: perfect for this garment! Why? It’s a lightweight fibre which makes it have a sweet feel. This little bikini through-over is so visually appealing because it will never wrinkle. Also nice if you wear this in cool sunny times as it still keeps the warmth in and it’s resistant to sunlight.

Surf Legging, ALALA

Nylon: we love it. Great for activewear due to its incredible strength and abrasion resistance. Soooo, rough workouts won’t be a problem. Another factor that makes nylon a great option for sportswear is its elasticity. These leggings are perfect for yoga, perfect for all the bending and stretching going on. It has a nice resiliency so you don’t have to worry about crumbling your yoga pants in your gym bag. For more stretch and recovery properties, spandex fibres are added. 

Delacey Mini Dress, H:ours

Rayon: a beautiful fabric used in dresses thanks to its strength. This fabric doesn’t have pilling issues. And, this dress is cool during hot temperatures. If you get hot or sweaty, it won’t be an issue since the fibre is hydrophilic. However, due to its poor elasticity, spandex is usually added as it gives it elongation and recovery properties. 

Pluto Mini Dress, Song of Style

Polyester: infamous, yet wonderful. This dress is made out of polyester, which is an amazing pleat holding fibre, even after being washed. Polyester is very resilient so wrinkles are not a prob. Thanks to its amazing durability this dress can be worn many times and still look like new.

Eileen Woven Button Up, Frank and Eileen

Cotton: an OG. This blouse is made out of 100% organic cotton, which is ideal for this type of garment. If worn during the hot weather its hydrophilic property can absorb moisture quickly. It gives a cooling effect, which makes cotton shirts comfy. Easy to wash, good drape, nice feel, no pilling problems. 

One Shoulder Cut Out Dress, The Sei

Silk: gives fancy. An expensive look due to its shine and amazing drape. It won’t have any pilling issues, plus it's comfy af. Silk has excellent absorbency since it’s a hydrophilic fibre, this also means it is machine washable.

These garments are examples of fibres and materials I'd recommend, and hopefully this guide will allow you to seek out the best quality for many years to come. Considering the materials used in clothing is important, since this will tell you if your clothes will stand the test of time.

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