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A Toronto Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Lounging at the fabulous Thompson Hotel, lunch at Nadege Patisserie, and an afternoon at the Bata Shoe Museum. Let's take a trip to some of Toronto's hottest places this 2017.

Toronto city, aerial photograph
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Toronto a.k.a. the 6 is a trendsetting city full of people who are interested in fashion and enthusiastic for a little taste. Because Toronto was named seventh best city to visit by the New York Times, we have to mention the three chicest spots to visit in the summer.

Before arriving to the city book a room at the Thompson hotel. It's the place to be at. Here you'll have access to the amazing rooftop pool and bar. You will definitely forget about your responsibilities by enjoying a sip of mimosa with the coolest view of the city. Superb ambience.

Thompson hotel Toronto, pool at night
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After enjoying a little sun bathing, go back to your room and get ready to grab some lunch. A blazer, some ripped denim, black booties, Ray Ban sunglasses, and a couple of rings will do! It's a 15 min walk from the hotel, so hit the streets. Queen St W is one of the hippest neighbourhoods in city. Here you'll find vintage shops of all kinds and stunning murals. Walking really helps you grasp the lifestyle of a Torontonian. 

queen street west Toronto
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So, let's start off with a little lunch to energize the day. Nadege Patisserie is a beautiful little french boutique where you can find the best macaroons and baguettes in the city. 

My favourite is the brie cheese baguette and a glass of freshly squeezed OJ, maybe two or three delicious macaroons to go.
colourful macarons from Nadege Patisserie,  Toronto
Image credit: FLARE for Nadege Patisserie

A place known from its fine cuisine and the large selection of pastries. The location's appearance is minimalist and french--two amazing combinations. The bright white walls and the colourful food make the perfect recipe for the finest pictures. 

Afterwards, head towards Bloor and Bay. An intersection where fashionable high end designer stores live like Chanel, Club Monaco, Prada, and so on. Walk along Bloor St. and admire the architecture that blends a European influence with modern day western society. Your destination is 327 Bloor St W, better known as the Bata Shoe Museum.

 Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto
Image credit: Arts & Culture Google

There is so much to experience in this museum. Shoes have a special way of telling us what people feel, want and like. They have existed for thousands of years and in every period of time. From ancient Egyptian sandals to Chinese bound foot shoes, and glamorous celebrity heels.

My favourite, a pair of Marilyn Monroe’s red high heels. Maybe I'm being bias because I admire her, & her fashion style.

Once you enjoy all the shoes and the culture go back to your room at the Thompson. Relax, maybe get pampered at the spa before the evening begins. Start planning your outfit for the night which includes a lovely dinner and a night out, without having to leave the hotel. What do I mean by this? The Thompson has an amazing restaurant that has been described as "a sleek and sophisticated downtown Toronto diner". Great food and a couple of Cosmos to begin a night full of adventures. The hotel also has a nightclub as a basement, literally. The Wildflower is located in the lower level of the hotel. Yeah, it keeps getting better.

"Take a walk on the wild side ... where cutting-edge design, contemporary art, and world-class beats come together in an effortless vibe"  -The Thompson Hotel 2017

Wildflower is a great place to network with people from the Toronto fashion industry. People are classy and the music is loungy. Dress up! A nude-colour dress will take you places. Pair it up with transparent high heels and a boxy clutch. You will need some red lipstick and neutral makeup, sometimes less is more

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