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What to Wear this Winter Season

Updated: May 4, 2019


Toronto Women's Fashion Week

Fashion writes love letters to past soulmates, every season I might add. Big shoulders, angular specs, skinny jeans, and all those past trends that sometimes get to see another day. And who can blame fashion for being unpredictable? When we expect it to change every season. We want it better, bigger, smarter. We ask and fashion lets our imagination run wild. However, some trends are just too bold and popular to let go. Last season, TW FW witnessed designers overlapping in the same love affairs for particular styles, from leather accents to colour blocks. This article will answer the questions of who what and where, when it comes to the predominant trends for this Winter 2018-19.

Leather Accents


Pascal Labelle

What: Adding leather to your outfits can elevate your look in a matter of seconds.

Where: You can wear this trend at nighttime for a fun night out, or all winter long as your favourite coat.


Candace Daniela


What: A youthful and vibrant twist to the trend made popular back in the 80’s by ski dads.

Where: For fashion week, try an avant-garde approach to the puffer by super sizing it. If that’s not your vibe you can always go for a metallic texture.

Colour Block and Quilts


Claire Lemaitre-Auger

What: Wearing multiple solid/bold colours or different pattern patches in a single outfit.

Where: This trend can be incorporated to your daily routine perfectly. School, work, or a walk downtown.

Shoulder Less

Di Carlo Couture

Di Carlo Couture

What: Off-the-shoulder tops with beautiful sleeve and neckline designs. We don’t mind cold shoulders when they’re worth it.

Where: Anywhere from brunch to cocktails with that special someone.

Bright Colours

David Dixon

Claire Lemaitre-Auger

What: Winter didn’t see this coming, but think vibrant colours when it comes to making an appearance. Pair it with white pants for emphasis or just rock the colour solid.

Where: Everywhere!

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