Tiff is once again hitting the streets of our multicultural and modern city. It’s exciting to see how trends forecasted by top notch fashion magazines, dainty blogs, and trade journals all come alive in the red carpet. We all know the off-the-shoulder neckline trend has been taking over the summer and Toronto.


We have actress Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of “Sing” wearing a lovely floral, above-the-knee dress with very trendy pale pastel tones and creamy nude pumps. Her garment was perfectly fitted to her great figure, and had a very neat cleavage that made her look sexy yet feminine.

Also, rocking the trend was Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila. The Brazilian model rocked a white, above- ankle-length dress with floral lace details all over and touches of beautiful multicolour embroidered flowers. The accents were placed on key parts of her body that flatters and accentuates her figure. Paired with white strappy-stiletto heels and a stylish boxy clutch to tie the outfit together. Definitely an exquisite trend.

Lastly, Anne Hathaway had a cute off-bone, knee-high dress, with a combination of straps, and off-the-shoulder neckline. She just gave birth this March and her body looks astonishing. The dress had many elements like fun gold details, sheer sleeves with floral prints and blue with green floral embroidery sequins. She paired it up with strappy-sandal heels, which were also super hot this spring/summer. The whole look gave off a gypsy- chic vibe.

These ladies all wore the same trend, but in different ways. Pure coincidence or trend followers? The best four words to define summer 2016: florals, embroidery and strappy-sandals.




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