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2019 Summer Beauty Trends

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


All images in this post were sourced from Pinterest.
6 beauty trends you must try this upcoming season

French Girl Beauty

It's not just me and my french obsession this is actually a trend. It involves a red lip, preferably a bright tone, and hmm... I guess that's it! Heavy conturing is out and we are here for it. This means spot concealing only and turning your blemishes into beauty marks. Keep it french and simple.

Monochromatic Look

A stylish makeup trend composed of using the same tint for your eyeshadow and lips. Coral is a very popular shade to wear, since it's #Pantone's colour of the year.

Floating Liner

A very avant-garde look not only meant for the brave. Rock it as an everyday look if you want. It's almost like lining your crease in a sense, but you're not constrained to that one area. #Neons are definitely becoming part of many beauty trends, so try a an orange neon liner. If not, stick to pastels or white.

Matte is Dead

Gloss is everything. Glossy lips, skin and eyelids. Also, the wet look is a total vibe today for both hair and makeup. It screams beach in Cancun. If you want to continue exploring everyday casual glitter looks, I invite you to try shimmery/translucent eye palettes and liners and just got for it.

Pink Eye

But really, a makeup look that is seriously *cute*. Pink tones for your eyeshadow and mascara. YES. You read correctly. MASCARA. 2018 was the year for long-ass eyelashes. 2019 the year of pink lashes? A trend that was spotted on SS19 runway fashion shows.

K Beauty

Korean beauty is soooo on trend right now--it's insane! They are the gods of skincare and makeup. I'm also in love with the gradient lip look! Koreans even came up with the concept of "glass skin". A smooth, poreless, intensely hydrated and translucent-looking face.

Try these looks, send a pic, and let me know what you think. Good luck xx

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