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Skincare for Normal-to-dry Skin Type

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Life isn't perfect, but your skincare routine can be

I love me some skincare, specially this year. With nowhere to go, this 2020 has been less about makeup and more about where it all begins! THE SKIN! In the midst of a second lockdown, makeup took the shotgun seat and skincare became my priority. And I enjoy it more now tbh. Skincare is the foundation of a good makeup look. For no means do I think I’m a dermatologist, or any other type of doctor, but I want to share what I’ve been using during this lockdown. This is my perfect routine for normal-to-dry skin type, enjoy! xo

1. Cleansers and Makeup Removers

The good ol' Clinique is here to stay. In my past post The No Makeup Look, I mentioned Clinique is my main when it comes to cleaning impurities and making my skin feel squeaky clean 🧽 . It might even leave my skin feeling a tad dry, but I like it because this is where the next step comes in handy.

2. Moisturizers and Serums

Recently I've been trying new products (god bless Sephora's samples), and Dr. Jart+ has simply revitalize my routine. Tiger Grass strengthens and balances the skin’s defenses against dryness and I'm loving it. Serum in the morning after washing my face and the moisturizer goes on before I do my makeup.

3. Anti-aging Cream

Like I mentioned before, my mom always told me that it's never too early to start combating wrinkles. And Drunk Elephant is my helping me af. This cream feels so light, I apply it during my nighttime skincare routine. It feels so fresh and works magics! Plumps and restores skin to make it look youthful, whilst using only clean ingredients.

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